Conservation Through the Arts

South Dakota

  Jr. Duck Stamp Contest


                                                   Best of Show

About the Judging

The 2017 South Dakota Junior Duck Stamp Judging began at 8:00 am on Sunday, April 2nd at the Pavilion in the Spearfish City Park.  This year’s judges were:

  1. Bruce Speidel, Wildlife Artist

  2. Carlos Martinez, Biologist with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  3. Laurie Root, Naturalist with the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

  4. Joe Nichols, Wildlife Biologist with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife, a program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  5. Terry Liddick, Migratory Bird Pilot with the Migratory Bird Program, a program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A crew of 5 volunteers were on hand to ensure the coordinated display and movement of the artwork during the judging process.

Judging Procedure

Junior Duck artwork is judged by a process of elimination.  All of the artwork for an age group is displayed on tables, and each judge selects 10 pieces of art to keep in the competition.  Thus, after the first round of elimination, all but 50 pieces are removed from competition.  Next, each judge selects 5 piece they would like to see advance to the next round, thus cutting the number of pieces down to 25.  Then, each judge selects 3 pieces, reducing the number of entries down to 15.  During the next two eliminations, eliminated art is marked “Honorable Mention”.  The judges then score the remaining 10 pieces.  The three highest scores are marked “First Place.”  The next are marked “Second Place,” the next pieces are marked ‘Third Place,” and the final piece is marked “Honorable Mention.” This process is repeated for all four age groups.  Finally, all 12 “First Place” pieces are judged for “Best of Show.” 

The entire judging process takes about four hours.  During the judging, there are no artist names, hometowns, or schools visible to the judges or the spectators; the judging is completely anonymous.  No one is allowed to discuss the artwork with the judges, and they may not discuss amongst each other.  The only person who may touch the artwork is the contest coordinator.

Following judging, the art entries are open for public viewing.  Approximately 100 people came to view the artwork.

    Students from Spearfish who stopped

by after the judging show off their

artwork that they entered (2012).

Conservation Message Winner

Griffin Clubb, Age 12,

I learned that license fees help save wetlands.

2017 Judges  (left to right) Laurie Root, Joe Nichols, Carlos Martinez, Terry Liddick, and Bruce Speidel.

Best of Show

Rachel Henderson, Group IV, 
Age 18
Ipswich, SD		

Redhead Duck

Rachel Henderson ~ Group IV

If you earned a First, Second or Third Place award for your age group:

Congratulations!  We will be sending you your prizes soon, along with your artwork.

If you earned an Honorable Mention:

Nice job! You will receive your award ribbon, certificate and artwork shortly. These will be mailed to your school or home.

If you did not place or receive an honorable mention:

With over 700 pieces of art entered this year, the judges had to pass over a lot of very, very good art. Just because your piece wasn’t selected this year doesn’t mean that you didn’t have a great piece of artwork. We thank you for participating and sincerely hope you’ll enter again in next years contest! Your artwork will be returned to your school or home shortly.

Best of Show Winner: Redhead Duck, by Rachel Henderson, age 18, Ipswich, SD.

Conservation Message Winner: “I learned that license fees help save wetlands,” by Griffin Clubb, age 12, DeSmet, SD.

Group 1 Winners

1st Place

Shannon Roubideaux

Casey Kindsfater

Austin O’Bryan

2nd Place

Carter Foltz

Olivia Kaul

Leah Whittington

3rd Place

Rihanna Holy Bull

Esten Biegart

Ryur Larson

Honorable Mention

Veronica Brunner

Matthew Preys

Lauren Earning

Wyatt Kontz

Tarynn Torsney

Joslynn Navratil

Allie Richey

Lincoln LeBrun

Addison Fisherman

Kaden Burshiem

Faith Wiese

Bishop Cook

Ella Hoffman

Abigail Lewis

Peyton Hunter

North Neff

Group 2 Winners

1st Place

Elinor Damburg

Bria Shay Neff

Emily Matson

2nd Place

Riley Neff

Noah Bailey

Carson Roti

3rd Place

Trenton M.

Griffin Clubb

Aidan O’Shea

Honorable Mention

Casey Nauta

Rebecca Heinemann

Hans Peterson

Elizabeth Paulis

Cameron B.

Bryce Hauck

Lily Williams

Catelynn Camarena

Mali Deal

Morgan Martin

Maanza M.

Levi Siewert

Gianna Menzel

Paige Mertens

Elouise Adams

Tiffany Taylor

Erica Guthmiller

Group 3 Winners

1st Place

Emma Siewert

Camille Sykora

Logan Henson

2nd Place

Sarah Heberlig

Hannah Cuka

Claire Sorenson

3rd Place

Noah Heesch

Goeden Sawyer

Abigail Crites

Honorable Mentions

Lauren Strand

Calista Q.

Logan Strand

Shantell S.

Gabe Nible

Hyrum Bailey

Kelsey Whalen

Corson F.

Ava Brendt

Samatha E.

Katelyn Sternhagen

Daniel Schilling

Adrian G.

Tessa Kibler

Patience M.

Issac Peterson

Jonas G.

Group 4 Winners

1st Place

Quinn Kribell

Zoe Ryherd

2nd Place

Shaunay Jones

Jesse Henson

Rhianna P.

3rd Place

James E.

Megan Kleinsasser

Brooklyn Menzel

Honorable Mention

Richard G.

Emma Graves

Margaret Biskup

Allison Severson

Kameron S.

Corbin L.

Peyton L.

Catrina Bachman

Steven H.

Alexis G.

Macy Heinz

Angel E.

Roan Randolph

Dylan S.

Dakota J.

Ariel Brunner